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The BCC Story: Empowering Black Professionals to Thrive

The story of Black Create Connect began with our Founder’s experience working in recruitment, where she noticed the systematic overlooking of Black professionals for senior positions and the lack of representation in the workplace.

Her encounters with racial-related challenges took a toll on her mental health, professional growth, and personal credibility. In June 2020, as stories of the Black community’s workplace experiences came to light, and Black professionals expressed the need for a safe space, she knew she had to take action. Empty promises from companies were not enough. 

In July 2020, while browsing LinkedIn, our Founder realised that Black professionals were also less likely to appear in recruitment searches. She identified the root of the problem: a lack of connection and community. Companies struggled to engage with the community, and Black professionals faced difficulties being visible to employers. Our Founder understood that without change, barriers to progression would persist for Black professionals in the workplace.

That’s when she decided to create a WhatsApp group to share job opportunities with Black professionals. The group quickly transformed into a haven where individuals could build relationships, share experiences, and access career opportunities.

As the community expanded, it became evident that there was a growing demand for in-person meet-ups, access to additional opportunities, and career information. Black Create Connect needed to evolve into an official company to provide structure and streamline the sharing of opportunities with the community.

Black Owned Serving the Black Community Creating Opportunities & Relationships Connecting the community to employers

Our Achievements so far


Interviewed over 80 black leaders to date with A 5 STAR RATING. Partnered with Spotify for a Black History month feature.


Built a community of over 9000 across social media, email and our whatsapp group.


Helped over 80 black professionals get new jobs.


Helped over 12 Employers build trust, hire and connect with the community.

Meet The Team

Lesha Benjamin
Programme Director & BP

Sabrina Ndarigumije
Community & Creators Manager

Diana Tackie
Digital Content Creator

Fega Ibodje
Employer Account Manager

Mariam Yusuf
Community & Social Manager

Toks Coyle
Social Media Manager

Olowu Daniel
Head of Tech

Camryn Richardson
Community Manager

Alicia Richardson

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