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Connecting the Black Community to career opportunities.

Connecting Black Professionals to Career Opportunities: Creating Safe and Authentic Spaces

Did you Know?

According to Coqual Research in 2022, a staggering 46% of Black employees at UK firms plan to leave their current workplaces within the next two years or even sooner. This number is significantly higher compared to the 34% of White professionals.

Another study by Robert Walters in 2022 revealed that 62% of Black professionals consider the lack of available opportunities as their biggest career challenge.

Unfortunately, Black unemployment in the UK remains at 8.9%, which is double the rate for the rest of the economy (HR Magazine, 2022).

How are we solving these problems?

We are proud to be the first and only platform that advertises job opportunities on behalf of employers through Black content creators. We firmly believe that the future of job advertising lies in engaging content.

We create valuable and inspiring content to educate our community, share opportunities, and foster growth. Our events are interactive, relaxed, and engaging, making them the most authentic community gatherings around.

Our network primarily consists of professionals from Tech, Media & Entertainment, Film & Production, Creative Advertising, and Marketing & PR. We believe these industries offer immediate impact, which is why we exclusively collaborate with organisations operating within these sectors.


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